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Overflow: Scroll - Not working

Hi, I’m having issues getting a menu on Tab -> phone to scroll.

So when you open up all the categories in the menu, the menu becomes longer than the screen. But I can’t seem to get the content to scroll, even when I have set the parent div to overflow: Scroll.

Any tips of what I’m doing wrong here?

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  1. Remove the “WRAPPER” div, and add a Section to the body, make it 100vh.
  2. Drag the “menu” div inside, then all the content will be automatically 100% width
  3. On Desktop & Tablet view, remove overflow from “Menu Dropdown Wrap”
  4. Go to Desktop view and remove class from “menu”, click off, then add Overflow: Auto

The preview and on mobile view when opening the menu it will scroll. :slight_smile:

Thank you @garymichael1313! <3

I keep forgetting. Set a fixed height to the parent container if you want the content inside to scroll. :slight_smile:


Hey not a problem, I was just hanging out watching Ancient Aliens history channel and thought to offer some assistance :slight_smile: See ya.

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hahaha … glad you are good at multitasking :smiley: