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Overflow of text, photos and testimonial cards and other issues

Hello everyone!

I am stuck with one project already for 2 month. It’s my first project and when I started to do it, I didn’t realise how many things I didn’t know how to make…So I am lost now in tons of issues :frowning:
So, thing Nr. 1 -
I need to make a responsive design now, and I cannot understand how to make testimonial cards to display full size and not to crop in some random places. I mean when you reduce width of monitor, cards are cropping and then arrow for scrolling is not visible as well as some small pictures of items are like “hidden”. Any tips on how this can be fixed?
Thing Nr. 2 -
I need to display item description (name, sizes and price), but as I couldn’t find any better solution to this, I made text part of card by making it relative to the card and now, if I want to update some info (rewrite price for example), I need to put text to be static again, then amend it and then put relative again. I doubt my client will do this work himself, so please advise how this can be done other way?
Thing Nr.3 -
How can I make photos of items be flexible? I mean so they can shrink or stretch depending on resolution of display. As now they all have fixed sizes (yes, yes, I did it all manually…), but I need them to be changing it themselves, but still be okay to see, I mean so photos will not overflow cards or not to be too small etc. Like to be normal photos, hope you understand idea.
Thing Nr.4 -
Header - when I check any devise other than desktop, it shows company details and contact details too close to the logo. How can I make them not to cling to logo?

I would be so grateful for any help in any of this issues, you can’t even imagine…
Here is read only version of project.

Best regards,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, Darja welcome to the forum.

DM me and I will try and help you the best I can - with the number of issues that you are having it will be easier to do in person.

In the meantime consider using the always excellent Webflow University and the forum.

As an aside - you should consider using CMS since it looks like you will have a lot of content which may make things easier in terms of adding future functionality - review the following link - it talks about creating a CMS slider, with thumbnails using custom code -

Good luck!


Thank you very much for your help!!!