Overflow margin in tablet view

In tablet view, my website has a margin on the right that I can’t seem to remove. I checked the width and margin of all my elements to make sure nothing was overflowing into the white margin but it didn’t go away.

Here is my website link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/elephant-lectures?preview=30f3f941b28c2398689b98362cd76f56

Any ideas what is causing this?



After looking at the site I assume you are talking about the section of text under “Discover an innovative approach…” . I notice it is not displaying correctly.

You can fix this by:

  1. Click on that “text block” section and then give it a second class such as “marigin” (See image below). Then adjust the left and right padding (See image below).

  1. You then need to fix the large capital “Y”. So click on that (drop cap v2) and adjust the bottom padding (See below picture).

Because you have edited these in the “Tablet” view it will only affect the tablet view of the site.

Hope that helps. :smile:

Thanks for the directions! Although that wasn’t my initial problem, I went ahead and made those adjustments.

The main problem is that if you scroll horizontally while in tablet view, you will see a white margin appear on the right side of the whole site.

If you publish the site and visit it with a tablet, the website has a white gap on the right of the screen running down the length of the website.

I don’t know what is causing this gap/margin and I’d appreciate any help to fix it!

Thanks again!

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