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Greetings, dear community members and developers.

I encountered the following problem when using the overflow: hidden property.
The styles of the parent Div Block 5 component are set to overflow: hidden and position: relative. This component has a fixed length and width of 800px and is centered relative to its parent. The child images that are in the parent Div Block 5 and have the property position: absolute and are positioned so that they are only partially displayed. Within the webflow builder itself, everything is displayed as it should be, but when publishing the page, the child images are not rendered at all, but if you open the developer menu in the browser, find the Div Block 5 component, find the overflow: hidden property, turn off this property and turn it on again, the components are displayed as they should be. Could you please tell me what could be the problem?

I have attached a link to the site.



Hey @vadim.grig2012 :wave: At the first set width and height for your elements with position: absolute;

It should solve your issues.

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Oh my god… Exactly… Thank you so much for your help!!!

Hello. I was too hasty in closing this topic. Setting the height and length solved the problem only in the test version, but now that navbar has appeared - the situation remains the same. It’s strange. Maybe I’m doing something wrong… Please help me to understand this situation.



Try setting the images to Load Eager instead of Load Lazy

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Yeah. That totally solved the problem. I didn’t realize that the Lazy loading property was set by default when loading images. Thank you very much for your support.

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