Overcoming Mobile Preview Limitations

Hello, Webflow Community!

I’m currently navigating the challenge of sharing my Webflow site to gather user feedback and have encountered a significant obstacle. When sharing the website via Webflow’s preview link, I’ve noticed that the scrolling function doesn’t work on smartphones. This issue has made it difficult to obtain accurate feedback on the mobile user experience, which is crucial for the overall effectiveness and accessibility of the site.

In an attempt to circumvent this problem, I decided to publish my website, which can be found at http://celebrity-hotels.com/. This move was aimed at making the site accessible to a wider audience for feedback, despite it exposing the site more broadly than I initially intended.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues with mobile preview functionality? More importantly, does anyone know if this is an issue that Webflow is aware of and working to resolve? Sharing a preview link is an essential part of the design process, allowing for feedback without making a site live. However, without the ability to properly scroll on mobile devices, the feedback can be significantly limited or skewed.

I’m glad by the way if you can share feedback on my project.

Kind regards,