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Output code does not match Webflow previews

Everything is OK when working in Webflow, all fine tuning done in every screen size etc.
But the exported code and the form doesn’t work as it should, the form displays the success message by default and rounded corners are skewed.
When loading the file in Webflow the image of the site in the background displays the faulty page but when loaded in webflow it corrects itself. See screens. See red CALL NOW button for the odd rounded corners.

The first screen shot shows webflow loading the page with the odd preview:

The second shows the page displaying correctly in Webflow

Test link here - any ideas anyone…

Or see it live on test server:

Other screen grabs show the form as it should be…

and as it is rom the exported code…

You’ll also notice that the logo on the purple background disappears on the smaller screen sizes with the exported code but not within the Webflow interface.

Any ideas from anyone would be much appreciated.


I have fixed the odd corners on the red button. Just re-specified it and that fixed it.
But I still can’t get the form to display with the ‘Normal’ state instead of the ‘Success’ state. Any ideas?
I’m sure the logo issues are simple… will have a look again at them.

Hey Tony, sorry you’re running into problems. Try to move these elements inside the Form element and see if that fixes the form.

As for the background image not cascading down, try to do what is described here for now: Background Image not responsive

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks, all sorted now…