Outbound link on button not updating for mobile ONLY

we have a “learn more” button in our nav bar, www.getarrow.ai.

the desktop versions of the site is no problem, links to our current calendly.

the mobile version links to an old version of calendly.

we updated the link like 10 times and the link is correct.

but on the mobile version, no matter what still links to old/dead calendly account.



You have two versions of this button. One for desktop and one for mobile. Need to change the link on the mobile one.

great! how do i see the “mobile version” of the button?

I haven’t looked at your setup, but most likely just switch to the mobile portrait breakpoint in the designer and you’ll see it.

i looked at the mobile break point and the link is to the new calendly, not the old one. but when you click on it, it still goes to the old calendly. i think it is a glitch…