Outage on 05.28 around 6pm PST?


Was there an outage today (May 28th) around 6PM PST? Multiple users reported and I was able to confirm that the website was not available (we were seeing 500 errors). The status page reports no incidents (https://status.webflow.com/), but I definitely saw that something was wrong. Is there a way to download or otherwise access server logs for our website?


Webflow does not provide access to logs that I am aware of. As for an outage my site monitors don’t show any for that time period. Could have been a regional or local outage on your network providers part.

I have checked the status page before posting here. We run webflow behind cloudfront, we pulled the logs and there is a clear indication of the problem from webflow:

Investigation and findings:

  • I checked the logs based on the CloudFront request id shared.
    Request/FullURI=Copy all Asana tasks to Google Sheets | Bardeen
    Response/HttpCode = 502
    Response/ResultTypeSetWhile=SSL handshaking to origin

  • As per the logs I can see that CloudFront tried to establish HTTPS connection with your origin server but SSL handshake failed and this is why CloudFront returned an error 502. This is due to the SSL/TLS negotiation failure between CloudFront and the Custom Origin Server as mentioned here: SSL/TLS Negotiation Failure Between CloudFront and a Custom Origin Server -

The origin server referenced above is proxy-ssl.webflow.com. There was no network outage, it’s an SSL handshake failure. I would appreciate a slightly more thorough investigation of reported issues on your side please.