"Out of Stock" label visibility based on all variants


On one of the sites I created for a client, the category listing of all the products she sells displays an “out of stock” label if the product is out of stock.

My problem is that the visibility of the label is linked to the conditional visibility “default sku quantity” (which is the only available variable linked to inventory) and I would like to make its visibility dependent on the quantity of all variants.

The reason for this is that when a product is out of stock for example in “size M”, the label is displayed while there are still products in “size S” and “size L”.

Of course, I suggested to my client a switch in the product sheet to manually switch the “out of stock” label, since it is just an information tool on the category pages, but she considers that this is not a viable solution.

Thanks in advance if you have an idea!

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Hi! Running into the same issue, interested in a solution too!

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FYI I also tried support and of course as always they just copy pasted me the wishlist link