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Out of context add to cart button with multiple items as params?

Hi this is more an initial query than a ‘how to do this?’ request, I’m just wondering if it’s even possible to create a custom add to cart button with set parameters ( code embed or otherwise ) that sits and functions outside of a collection.

So a potential use case might be a ‘prefilled’ button with say, 2 x product A, 1 x product B attached to it, which would sit out of scope, away from a specified product collection / product page — but when clicked would add said products to the cart ( or go straight to checkout ).

Our specific use case is that we’re looking to create a ‘previous orders’ page for our users, with a dynamically populated ‘buy again’ button for each of their full orders. We have the orders sat in a database away from webflow at the moment, so we can query those per user pretty easily and pull them through as we want, but smushing the order items together into a friendly clickable rebuy button is where we’re hitting a bit of a wall as the inbuilt add to cart button & form are limited to being linked directly to products.

Any help / pointers to docs that might lead in the right direction massively appreciated!