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Our first Webflow client project

Getting very close to finalizing our first Webflow client project. The last 10% of small adjustments always seems to be the hardest!

We’re a branding firm first and foremost, but occasionally our clients ask for a website too. In the past we had used Wordpress, but came to hate the stress of themes breaking, plugin security threats and core updates that gave dreaded PHP errors. So we initially decided to stop doing websites, until we discovered Webflow.

This client needed e-commerce for their CBD product. As Stripe & PayPal are anti-CBD we couldn’t use Webflow e-commerce, so we’ve integrated SnipCart for now, and there’s some Klaviyo custom code in there too.

So this site is the culmination of over a year of work, which has included audience research, brand naming, brand design & messaging, product packaging design, and now e-commerce web design!

Still some tweaks we plan on making, but very happy with what we’ve been able to accomplish using Webflow - & feedback welcome.

FYI, Stripe are so anti-cannabis that they even rejected our Webflow Client Billing account as we are developing a site for a cannabis dispensary too.

Really liking the site! Has a nice clean design. Well done!

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