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'Origin Error' on webflow hosted site after integrating with Ezoic ads, no reply from Webflow support

UPDATE: I’ve had a few people message me about this - I got the Ezoic ads working just fine, with their ‘code snippet’ integration; there were some teething problems that I had to talk with ezoic support to fix, but everything works perfectly fine right now

My webflow hosted site has been down for about 48 hours now with an ‘Origin Error’ and webflow support is unresponsive for 37 hours and counting - I’m hoping someone in the forums will be able to advise me on whether I’m likely to be able to solve this.

I integrated the site with the Ezoic ad network about 2 months ago, which involves changing the nameservers to Ezoic’s so I guessed they might be the cause of the error and contacted their support.

They gave me this article How to Fix Origin Errors - Ezoic Support & Help with solutions that include first checking SSL and DNS are set up properly, which they are as far as I can tell, and next suggest that Webflow might be miscategorizing the traffic that is going through Ezoic as bot traffic. They provide a list of solutions that webflow can implement to fix this, such as whitelisting Ezoic’s IP addresses.

I wrote webflows support about this over 36 hours ago, and I’m pretty disappointed to hear nothing back from them yet. Ezoic responded within seconds.

Am I likely to be able to hear anything from webflow on this, and even if I do will they implement one of these solutions? I would really like to solve this as soon as possible


the site seems to be up from here? I can’t see any errors or anything looking weird. Have you tried clear your cookies, cache etc?

Thanks for the reply Robin - I didn’t hear anything back from webflow support, so i removed my ezoic integration and set my nameservers back to default this afternoon. I’ll have to integrate with Ezoic some other way, and perhaps migrate the site off of webflow in the long-term which would be a shame.

Ah, okay. Yeah, the Webflow support can be pretty slow sometimes. They usually do answer though.

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