Organising collection page by client


I’m building a website for my girlfriend who is a Photographer & in CMS I made for her page on which she can add her photo-stories.

I prepared for her basic layout with all types of sections which she might need and it’s binded to CMS. But, let’s say that she needs some section prepared by me added two times and in a different order than my basic layout. How can I make that work?

Thanks for any help

No way to control the order of divs by CMS binding (Beside custom Javascript).

For now, Create pre-made two layouts (and radio button - layout1 // layout 2) - (Or more and select menu) - than use if (If layout1 ==> show div1 , if 2 show 2 and so on).

This idea works fine - but for very small changes (order of two divs) - maybe use one layout and that’s it.

Okey, thanks for your answer - I will keep it in static layout for now. There are any requests to add it this feature? It’s a bit limiting. :frowning: