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Organic Layout with a CMS Collection List

Hi, I’m designing a Press page with each of my article containers being of different heights (due to content length) and it’s fine, I like it like that. What I would like though is for all the containers underneath to wrap organically under each boxes (as a set margin of 100px underneath each), as opposed to having the 2nd row of containers being all on the same height (creating some weird gaps if the article above is short).

My project link:

I believe the effect i’m trying to achieve is called Masonry layout, but even researching that I haven’t been able to find a solution… help please? Thanks!

@BravoCharlie - Masonry is a good phrase to be using for your searches. Have you tried experimenting with columns? Using your link, I experimented with different numbers of columns. Items appear to now be flowing organically.

Screenshot shows setting I adjusted.

I’ve seen this solve somewhere on the forum but I was afraid it would freeze my layout to 3 columns as opposed to go to 2 or 1 column if the viewport is shrunk… but I guess I can adjust the column settings for tablet and mobile for it to force the number of columns? I’m going to give it a go thanks!