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Ordering &/or Folders in the Pages area. Why? its difficult to keep track of the 44 pages i'm up to

Hey Guys,

I’m sure this is more of a power user feature, however i’m up to 44 pages and likely going to need upwards of 100, and its getting really difficult to navigate where the pages for each of my sections are.

I know there are previous requests here:

I’m finding myself adding multiple pages into the same page, just so i know where i can find my training features. Why do i prefer separate pages than smashing all my HTML components onto one page?, It helps when validating the designs to show a user only what they will see at that point in the flow. This also causes the page count to be reduced and since its an item in your SAAS model probably something you would not want to encourage.

Possible solutions:

  1. Folders: Helps group features even if its just one level deep, this would also help with:
    a) Parent Child relationships: At the moment i need to create 6 different symbos for the 6 main navigation areas so i can mark the “Active Parent”. Symbols are great, stops me from updating the nav 44 times. woot, but having this relationship would mean i can reduce to 1.
    b) Easier to navigate the pages area and find what i’m looking for

  2. Arbitrary Ordering: Dragging and dropping into a particular order, not something that matters to the url or output, however reducing frustration of navigating pages, it means i could order by the mental flow i’m expecting in the final app. This could be completed separate to folders as then at least i could group the pages i’ve got the naming convention of Users - add, Users - View, Users - Edit, together.

Prioritising between the two… i’d prefer ordering first. (pun intended) :smile:


Hi Aidan, thanks for the feedback, I am sure that @sergie will take this feedback into consideration with new panel changes. As a side note, you mentioned you would be eventually be needing up to 100 pages. I just wanted to quickly point out, at the moment, the maximum number of pages to a site is 80 for the Micro, Personal and Professional plans. Cheers!

Thanks that would be great. And re the limit, Nice, hopefully there is an easter egg when you reach 100. But that might still be a while. Allllot of work before hitting that.

Hey @aidan, I know it’s been a while, but a solution to most of your woes is just around the corner: Nested Pages / Folders are ready!

Would love your help beta testing it on non-production projects!