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Order of Product appearance on Product Page

I’m just trying to re-arrange the order my products appear on the Products Page:
My Product Page

I see that when I add a new product it always appears first on the product page and I need to change the order the products appear.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @rodmccaskill, you should be able to do this for the collection from the settings (gear) panel :slight_smile: there should be a “sort order” section where you can specify what field to sort from.

What I usually do is add a number field called “order” to the CMS and number each item in the order I want it to appear, then use this field to sort from. Hopefully that makes sense, but if not let me know and I’ll try to make a video for you (I’m using my knowledge of the CMS to answer your question, but this should apply to products as well since they’re essentially the same).

A video would be most helpful as i need to sort the order of my products. Tried following your instructions but without any success.

Hey Guys,

I made a quick video on how to do this:

Hope it helps!


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