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Option to enable fixed background on touch devices, even via code

Hey all,

I use fixed background on pretty much all my sites in one way or another and I would really like the option to enable it on touch devices. It seems that the issues in iOS 8 are fixed in 9 and I’d like the option to use it. Even if the solution is via custom code to disable whatever is stopping it from working, I think it would be great to have. Any thoughts? @bart

Hi @DFink, another option is to apply the background to a absolutely positioned fixed div set to 100% width and height, with z-index to -1. That way it can be done without custom code.

I hear you though, it would be nice to have a simpler way to enable fixed bg on mobile that works on all mobile devices.

Yeah, I’ve tried that trick, it’s just such a pain in the ass. I really hope this gets released soon or someone comes up with some code to bypass it. Thanks Dave. By the way, I sent you a PM

Thanks guys!!