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Option to Add a Collaborator is Missing

I can’t add a collaborator to my project. This project has been published for several months now, and I literally added a collaborator to another project on my account yesterday. I went in today to add a new collaborate, but the ability to add someone wasn’t there. See the image below:

CMS plans + are required. What’s yours?

I figured it out. I’m on a team account with two members, shared among several people as needed. I was logged in on the account that wasn’t the owner of the team, so the options for hosting and also adding collaborators aren’t present in project settings. Is this a new or recent update, where only the owner of the team can edit the hosting and adding collaborators? I know that you can make other team members owner as well, just trying to get this straight. It’s not a big deal, just something I wasn’t aware of previously. Thank you.