Option Set and Variants

Can you create an option set with variants and then apply those variants to multiple products instead of hand typing each variant?

I have a gallery with 50+ images. I created an option set with different sizes/prices as the variants. These sizes and prices apply to all of the images. Seems like I should be able to apply my first option set to all of the products.

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You can try to link them all to one single class, then, when you select one image, the rest will be the same. The only problem is because all of them become the exact same, and if you want to make individual edits, it will be harder. If you do want them to be individual, you will have to create combo classes.

I also would like to know the answer to this. This is a question about Ecommerce, the above response doesn’t appear to answer the question.

Same issue: 168 images which all require the same options/variants. Would like to set up in one pass instead of creating the same option for all 168. Solutions anyone?


Hi all.
This is possible with Foxy + Webflow. Feel free to message us and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. More info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: https://www.foxy.io/webflow