'Option' in the CMS will only allow me to choose from the first 4 options

I have created a CMS collection and added a field ‘Option’ field. In the collection settings I have added 6 options, however when creating a post only the first 4 options are selectable. I am sure it is only showing the first 4 options because I have tested changing their order - it’s always the first 4 in the list that are selectable when writing a post.

Is this an issue anyone else has encountered and knows how to solve?

Thank you!

Hey David, if you share your read-only project link we can see what you’re talking about.
Are you having the problem while adding your blog post in the designer, or in the client editor?

Note you might not see the scrollbar, try using your mouse wheel to scroll items when the list is open.

Wow! Thank you. I hadn’t seen the scroll bar on the right. I feel like a complete fool! You’ve saved me a lot of head-scratching!

You’re not the first, it’s ninja-like. Which is nice and elegant, once you see it hiding there.