Optimizing speed for google

Hi all,

I’m trying to optimize my website by running some google speedtests and make changes according to the recommendations I get back. The easy parts like using small images are pretty much done, but when running the tests I am still encountering some things that go way over my head.

It seems some js is slowing things down, mostly third party widgets and scripts.
In the above google suggest to use ‘loadable-compontents’.
Is this something that’s easy to install for somebody like me who pretty much doesn’t know anything about coding?

For the above, some CSS from kit-pro.fontawesome.com is being loaded which I wasn’t aware of existed on my website. Is there a way to remove this .css? I’m only using google fonts and also any logo’s or images that are used on my website came with the template I bought.

Is there any topic on optimizing for google in general which may help me improve the score I get in the google speed test?

Many thanks in advance!!