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Good morning. I’m new to Webflow. I have a background in computer graphic design, but I’m not a designer. I can get by designing my own website. I’m pleased with Webflow and the service that they offer. Webflow fills a void that I believe has been missing from web design for a very long time. With that said, I’ve been noticing that my site doesn’t load as quick as I think it should. I’ve ran tests on webpagetest.org and PageSpeed Insights with mostly good results, but I’ve done quite a bit of checking on different computers myself. I am noticing a latency a lot of the time. I’m hoping that some community members can chime in and give me some advice. My site is listed bel;ow. Thanks in advance. -Enrico


Welcome @eolmino !

I could only wish my sites will be as fast as this one :grinning:
it loads in a ms on my end.
Maybe you encountered a slow load on a very bad internet connection.

Google DevTools Test gives it a very high performance score of 98!
(2 points reduced because: "Image elements do not have explicit width and height"
Set an explicit width and height on image elements to reduce layout shifts )


Thank you for the advice regarding the width and height. I will look into it.

Here’s a link below if anyone would like to see how the website was created and has any suggestions.


It loads in a ms for me too.

Thanks for the feedback. -Enrico