Optimizing Navigation Interface

Hello Weblfowers!

I wanted to get feedback and suggestions about the navigation interface currently being used on the “Animation Categories Template” page (this is a CMS Dynamic page).

The Menu Bar is not really a concern here, but rather the Category selection navigation area. (Logo Reveals, Intros, etc.)

I’m concerned because on mobile the category list gets mashed and becomes cumbersome to use vs on desktop-sized screens.

Any suggestions or feedback to make this better would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi! I see the template template page but what is the category selection navigation area?

Hey @vincent,

It’s the row of green category names (Logo Reveals, Intros, Titles, Backgrounds, Alphas, Outros…)

I have no idea what else to call it…

(p.s. I just realized, the target page is actually the Animation Categories Template page.)

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