Optimize formatting of mobile text

I’m trying to optimize my newsletter landing page for mobile devices, but I am stuck with the text formatting. How do format the text so that it looks nicer and in line similar to this?

Here’s what my landing page looks like so far:

I’m stuck and cannot find any good videos explain how to do it on YouTube.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Noah Zender

Hey Noah!

First things first: size. Your text is toooooo big for mobile, so you can reduce that.

Second - padding: The top pic looks like it has about 5% padding on each side, whereas yours has 5% +40px. Which is too much on mobile!

Third - you’re viewing in webflow from a super small breakpoint, which causes it to look worse than it will on 99% of actual phones.

I’ve reduced the padding and size on your read only link and changed it to a roughly iphone 13 width - here’s how it looks!

Hope this helps!

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