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Opinion on Webflow compatibility for site recreation

Hi there,

I am new to Webflow and am trying to gauge whether Webflow is the right tool to migrate this site to, I have played around a bit with the press template, but I am running into issues recreating the media center (though I need to explore Zapier as advised in a forum), even the home page. See,

I am wondering if most of the content (especially library content) on the site can be placed in a blog and be filtered with tags. How well could items be filtered by using the tags in Webflow?

Any recommendations/ideas/suggestions on how to approach this project, if I should approach it using Webflow, would be appreciated. Is the press template a good start for it?

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ve done a great job on the cms. I suggest you focus on those then start new blank pages building from your cms’s. I also think most of what you are trying to duplicate are little blogs. I set multiple tags in my cms to control the web-flow. Hah!

It looks really confusing because it’s hard to tell what is yours and what is the template. Well, aside from the church wanting to sell me an Aston Martin. This is why I think it better to start with a blank if you want to duplicate. Instead of trying to undue the template to make it work, you can build from your cms. Need to restructure the Churches cms.

Looks like fun and you have all the material you need :+1:. Now you just need time, patience, and tenacity.

@TheCat Thanks so much for replying. I’ve read your response several times. It makes sense. I started doing just that. Here’s a new project link:

I successfully moved the first item from their library, Answer for Students,

I’m learning lots and having lots of questions as I go along. One issue I have not been able to solve is on the Answer page where I have two collections that are paginated. Any way to have those work in sync?

Also, I’m having trouble understanding when to use folders when to use pages; the content sometimes goes three or four levels deep.

I am going to try to bring over the World Report blog, How do I set up the recent blogs? Also, what is involved in showing how many items are in each category as in

Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for your help!