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Opening the Dropdown Menu item is not working after browser resize

Hi all, i have a weird bug or css/animation glitch where my drop down nav items iare opening fine on intial preview or page load and also when resizing the browser window down to mobile size but i find my dropdown menu links do no open the dropdown menu after the browser resizes back to desktop size? anyone out there might know what is cusing the issue? Many thanks.

hi @Andy_Hoey here is one way how to fix your issue

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Hi Stan thank you for the fix, I’m not sure why I moved the navbar our of my header, I think I may have thought it was causing another style issue but I will move it back and see how it all goes, thanks a million!

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hi @Andy_Hoey I’m glad to help, if you don’t have more questions to related topic feel free to close your request.

Thanks Stan I will mark it as solved, thanks again.

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