Opening links from CMS collection items in new tab

Dear all,

In my CMS collection ‘Posts’ I sometimes add hyperlinks to text in ‘rich text’ fields. I would like to these links to open in new tabs on the published site. Could someone please let me know how to solve this issue? Do I need to add some custom code in the template settings?


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hi just figured this out literally now, if you simply click on the link that you added inside your rich text in the cms, you should get an option to open it in a new tab. you just have to do it manually for each one. i just did it so i know it works.

i just added a rich text field, added a link to the rich text (like within the rich text) and the option shows up.

hope this helps

The UI pattern for this is quite annoying. Took me months before I realized I could do the same as well.

I would love if we could get a checkbox on the same link popover without having to do extra clicks.