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Opening lighhtbox from a button


I’d like a ‘VIEW’ button below my lightbox thumbnail - but can only see options for external links, other pages, email etc in the button link options. Is there a way to trigger the lightbox to open from a button or text link even?



A Lightbox structure comes like this by default:

The link is on the Lightbox element, so if you want text or button under your thumbnail, add text in the Lightbox element and style it like a button. See how I do here:

And to remove the underline below the text, select your Lightbox element, give it a unique class name and set to decoration:none. Look here:


Vincent thank you so much! This is perfect. :slight_smile:


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this is excellent help…and will work for what I was trying to do…but is there a way to make the lightbox functionally invisible? I can make the lightbox portion invisible but a mouse-hover still produces a hand icon as it detects a link there.

I haven’t found an easier way to get a button to open a lightbox link than this method here