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Open Source Instagram Embed

Hey there,

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully integrated an Instagram feed on a Webflow site without using a third-party integration like Elfsight.

Would it be possible to host a javascript file and embed code? Below is a link to Github to an open-source widget.

I’d like to integrate Instagram to client sites without tagging on another third-party service with a cost or the change that it would go down.

Hey @seanpritzkau,

Good to see you’re familiar with Elfsight widgets! :slightly_smiling_face:

We see that you need to create widgets for your clients, but we believe our service could appear to be a solution for you. You’re welcome to make as many widgets as you need, customize them to match a website perfectly and moderate them at any time if needed. Also, they all will be kept in one spot in your account so it’s fairly easy to get to them wherever you need.

We’re also happy to provide free Lite plan so that you test the widget and see whether you like it or not, so feel welcome to do so - Best Instagram Feed Plugin for Website - InstaShow for Free.

And don’t hesitate to contact us if any help needed, we’re always happy to assist :slightly_smiling_face:

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Elfsight Team

Thanks for the reply!

I really prefer a method that doesn’t require a long-term monthly fee for my client. I also don’t want to commit to paying for plan as an agency that would require me to keep the subscription forever.

I did find another third-party solution that is a flat fee for each widget, which is much more preferable.