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HI guys. I have a one big big problem with webflow. Right now i created a blog about my road at new zealand. Normaly added a photo from my trip and i need add a photo and after click i need this photo bigger. Is there some function?
thanks a lot

something like that

I’ll post answer tomorrow morning. It’s VERY simple actually :wink: you can take a look at sections and :wink:

thanks a lot. And is it possible to switch over/shift between the pictures which are poped up already?

So what you mean is to create something like this in Webflow, right?

yaeh, in the webflow

@Matus_Molnar You’re wanting to implement a lightbox correct? Like this:

There’s a thread with some folks trying to add something similar:

The good news is after responsive navigation we’ll add a lightbox/modal component to our library.

perfect, this is that, what i need. thanks a lot @thesergie , but i dont have idea, how can i implemented this function to the webflow. :frowning:

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