Open Graph settings + Facebook share button

I have emailed Webflow to support me with these issues but haven’t heard anything from them. Please help me with these issues…

  1. I have set up Open Graph for CMS collections pages. However, when I click the Facebook share button on the post, the thumbnail didn’t show up (I have tried more than 2 times according to Open Graph instructions). Please help me explain with this issue.

  2. I created a Facebook share button by following Facebook instruction. However, some posts show the share button correctly, some of them show the text (share - シェアする) instead of the button, even though they are in the same CMS collection pages template. (Twitter button is easier and working good). Can anyone help me explain this issue as well?

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For the first issue, somehow I’m able to see the thumbnail image now when sharing through Facebook.

However, the second one is still there. Can anyone help me with this issue?

Hi @ihcney,

Can confirm the thumbnail is showing on my end now as well:

If you have this again, I’d recommend running the link through the Facebook Sharing Debugger.

I wasn’t able to replicate the Facebook button issue on my end (video here). Tested on Chrome and Safari.

Thank you so much!
First issue now works well.

For second issue, I tested on Chrome and Safari (with my laptop) and still having the same problem… (is it only happening on mine laptop?)

Hi @ihcney,

This is what I see on my end:

Is this what you expect to see on your end?


Actually, I’ve checked with my co-workers and it’s normal.
So I guess my laptop has some trouble with it.

Thank you so much!!!

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