Open Graph not working correctly, I'm losing it! :<

Hope someone can give me a hand with this problem

Open Graph data isn’t showing up when sharing home link on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook).
I set the same data on all my pages and when I share them, the data shows perfectly.
The problem comes when I share my homepage, it just doesn’t show, it’s like it grabs anything from within the page and shows it, but not the data that I manually inserted in settings.

I tried doing an experiment and set one of the working pages as homepage and it stop working!
I checked my old homepage and there it was, working perfectly.

So this leads me to believe there’s something wrong with the homepage setup but I have no idea where to look for.

This is my website:

And these are the screenshots, hope someone can enlighten me because I’m about to lose it :<

Hi @Tatiana_Henriquez,

Would you be able to try posting this again? I have just crawled it using the LinkedIn Post Inspector, hopefully it is showing the correct information now.

You can use the Post Inspector here: Post Inspector

Hope this helps!