Open graph image not showing up when password protection turned on

When I turn on password protection on my site the open graph image no longer shows. I added to open graph image to the password protection page as well as the homepage but for some reason it does not seem to show up. When I turn off password protection it seems to work fine.

Any information on how this issue can be resolved would be greatly appreciated

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Password protection would be rather useless if a search engine could walk in and download your page content, so it makes sense that your password-protected pages would be inaccessible.

However if you put an og:image on your password protected page, it will publish with the content you specify.

Here’s an example;


Chances are you may have forgotten to publish the page, or perhaps where you’re “testing” your og:image has already cached the old version of the page, and that hasn’t been updated yet.