Open Graph image not displaying correctly

I can see a few topics about Open Graph images for Facebook etc… but none seem to relate to the new functionality which is in the SEO section. The text elements from this page translate across to Facebook and other social sites, but the images being picked up are still random images from the front page.

I’ve put a direct web link to the image I’d like in the correct section of the SEO page, and I’ve re-published the site. However, Facebook and Twitter etc… are still not picking up the image.

Am I doing something wrong or is there currently a glitch?

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Hello @LJGPhotography, Thanks for the post. Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link, and screenshots of seo settings in question really speed things up.

Also can you let us know your published url page link that is not showing correctly?

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Thanks @cyberdave! Read only link is here:

The link that’s not displaying correctly is my main ‘custom’ domain: The image that should be displaying is:

I’ve tried hosting the image on somewhere like ‘PhotoBucket’ which didn’t work, I’ve also tried Flickr too. I’ve finally resorted to using the link that’s contained within the assets section of the designer, which also doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @LJGPhotography, could you also set the OG properties on the home page, at the page settings in the Designer, to include the OG information and then republish?

I want to see if that has an effect. I looked at your home page, and the og meta tags seem correct, and the image link is working for me directly.

There might be some wait until the information is refreshed to facebook. Cheers,

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Thanks again Dave. I didn’t even know that stuff was in there… lol! I’ve just done it and published.

Still doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Even after leaving it for a few hours.

Hi @LJGPhotography, thanks, I am checking in to this further :slight_smile: I will let you know, as soon as I have an update.


Hey @cyberdave can we now set page specific OG info & images already?!?!?
Just saw it! We totally can!


Okay, I just created another thread about adding the images New Open Graph Image SEO Feature and just found this thread …didn’t realize this part was per page now! I was trying to add in the general account settings area.

So if I add an image into Webflow that I’m not using anywhere visually on the site but use the Media tool to open the link to the image, is the https://url displayed there what I need to use in OG Image URL area? Will using it there get the image published with the site? Before images that weren’t used, weren’t published.

If I only want one image for the entire site or if one image mainly and then others for specific pages/landing pages will the image used on the homepage be the default or will a default image need added in the account settings?

Some instructions might be helpful. :grinning:

Got the open graph image to appear after using the FB Debugger… still can’t add or delete anything from the SEO tab of the account page…in the Webflow Designer I can.

Open Graph picking up correct page images now but not correct title or description. I have different titles,descriptions, and image for the homepage and an interior page. Homepage is good to go and the image of the interior page is good. However, the title and description of the homepage (that I can’t delete from SEO account tab) seem to be interfering with the the title and description added to the page.

Hi @jdesign are you getting any error messages in the dashboard when you’re trying to set these settings?

@brryant No, the only thing is the “save” button is grey and instead of turning green it gives the the NO symbol :no_entry_sign:

The button will turn green after you make changes to your settings. All of our form buttons are gray unless you start making changes.

@brryant I realize that the buttons are gray. But like I said “instead of turning green it gives the NO symbol :no_entry_sign:” Meaning it won’t allow me to save the changes.

Oh got it! Fix coming in 15 minutes, thanks for letting us know!

@brryant No problem. @PixelGeek is on this does it go away but I wonder if the issues are related.

I just need to get some work done :sweat_smile:

@brryant and @PixelGeek Thanks guys! I’m again able to change and SAVE the data on the Site Settings. I’ve added different og:titles, og:description and og:images to two different pages. I’ve tested on Facebook and all is working as expected. For pages without specific Open Graph data entered it appears the Meta Description and the first image on the site is being picked up.

I added OG:Title, Description and Image to the Site Settings SEO and left OG data on two specific pages. The OG data from the pages is pulled, for the pages without specific OG data the OG data from the Site Settings is being pulled. The photo I used for the Site Settings SEO was not used anywhere else on the site so it seems that any photo uploaded can be used even if not used on the site.

Could you just confirm?

Hi @jdesign, any photo uploaded can be used :smile:


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Hi @cyberdave! Just wondered if there was any word. My open graph images are still showing incorrectly.