Open a modal from a CMS inline link

I have different tips/how-tos presented in a modal. Using interactions, I can open the modals perfectly via a regular text link. I would now like to open those modals via links that are in a rich text field in a CMS collection. I can create the links in the rich text field, but can’t figure out how to open the respective modal.

Value of rich text field: Click here for instructions for your phone: iPhone Android

the iPhone link should open the modal with the iPhone instructions and the Android link should open the modal with the Android instructions.

SA5 has a trigger library for this purpose.
You define all of your modals, usually within a collection list so that they’re easily managed.
With each, you have a hidden trigger button that opens its modal using sibling-targeted interactions.

In your rich text, you add the SA5 attribute, and then you can make links like ##kombucha and it will automatically open that named modal.

I usually use this for e.g. a glossary pop-up solution but it can be used for anything.

Thanks Michael. I’ll give that a shot.