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Opacity strip away the 3d effect

By applying an opacity the effect 3D forward is lost

I can apply opacity to each image but wanted to animate all at once and not create 3 different animations …

I don’t think it’s a bug.

I may have to do with Opacity creating a STACKING CONTEXT when mixed with depth. Usually involves z-index but maybe has effect on transforms too.

Not a bug. Transparency strips 3D effects, full stop. I would guess it’s because few browsers/machines-used-by-normal-people have the power to process the information in a usable way.

:disappointed: well … I think I’ll have to do otherwise. thank you.

Would it work if you have a PNG with transparency as a file so you don’t have to play around with opacity: ...; in Designer?

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It’s something that is done by the browser in response to CSS (that’s my understanding, anyway), so utilizing PNGs should work, but you wouldn’t be able to animate the transparency, which I’m sure is what people are after.

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