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Oops...I didn't nest my page


I created our contest page not thinking ahead. Now, I would like to add an “Archive” page under contests.

I tried to create a folder called “Contests,” then a sub page called “Archived” and it does not let me create said page because a page already exists.

Any idea how I can fix this??

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Tune Derby

Hey @Kevin_Mooney!

You won’t be able to create a folder that has the same slug as a Collection in your project because the two would conflict - pages under your Contests collection will be contests/{slug}, and pages under the Contests folder would be contests/{slug}.

You could create a separate top-level page (something like contests-archive) and then add a redirect for contests/archive to that page, or you could create an “Archive” item in your Contests collection and use conditional visibility to show specific content for that page within your Contests template.

Does that make sense?


It’s not the page that’s causing the problem. You could name the folder the same as the page you built, but you have a CMS collection called Contests too.

You could either edit the slug on your CMS collection, or change the slug on the folder you’re creating. Either should fix the problem from what I can tell.

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@William_Carvell1 Thank you for this…I think this could work as a solution but then I might end up dealing with redirecting issues or simply a mess there.

@blakelam I have built in a toggle switch for these contests. When my client adds a contest, they can choose where it will live. Current Contest, Upcoming Contest, Archived Contest (see attached).

The idea here is that when a contest toggle is switched from “Current” to “Archived”, the archived page would display all the old contests.

So I think your idea of creating a top-level part called /archived-contests/ would work.

I guess my question to you would be…if they click into a contest from /archived-contests/, the url would still be /contests/{contest-slug}

Is that a bad thing?

I don’t think that’s a bad thing! You can go a lot of different routes with URL structure, so as long as what you choose is clear you’re good.

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