Oops! Accidentally Deleted Slider Arrow

It’s too late for “undo”. I accidentally deleted the right arrow on my slider. What is the easiest way to re-introduce this element back into my slider? Thanks

You have to add a new one, otherwise you have to revert your project to an earlier state.

Not tried it but would it be perhaps possible to add in a new slider from the Webflow elements panel and copy / paste it into your slider maybe?

Might work if you’ve not added too many styles and modifications perhaps?

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Yes, I recognize a new arrow needs to be added. My question was HOW to do that. Cutting and pasting from the original widget did not work.

Thank you

Thank you Mark. I am going to start over. Learning curve. :slight_smile:


No problem at all. Glad you’ve got it all sorted now.

Good luck with everything.

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I never mentioned that it was possible to copy controls from another slider.

I was actually responding to Mark’s suggestion there, but I remain unclear as to what you meant when you wrote “you have to add a new one.”

Oh I see. I thought you were replying to me because you clicked reply on my post, so I got a notification that your post was replying to me.

Means you have to drag a brand new slider from the components panel, give it the same classes and contents as the old one, then delete the old slider.

I have to apologise too as I could have sworn that your reply had said that the copy / paste trick had worked for you and so that’s why I had said that I was glad it was all working for you now.

Sorry I obviously completely read your paragraph back to front. Apologies.

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