Only in Wordpress?

I would like to setup a page layout like this in webflow, this has become the standard in the travel excursions industry.

You can see in the second part the accordions, the Included vs not Included menus and more.
At the moment we are using Wordpress with a theme we bought on themeforest to achieve it , but if if I can do that on Webflow I would migrate the website; especially after I heard webflow’s websites performance.

Hope to hear from someone, thanks

The best approach is to have stylized elements inside a rich text field. There are a couple of toolsets that enhance the element, namely Finsweet

or the

from Refokus

You can also use custom code to try to achieve this but understand that WordPress content is dynamically generated and Webflow dynamically generates static sites. My own personal experience is that a well built and high-end hosted Wordpress site can beat Webflow in performance and SEO.