Only connect a portion of a text to CMS

Is it possible to Wrap a text in a sentence and only connect that portion to CMS?

Currently, when I want to change 1 word in a text, I have to write the entire block and then change the 1 word in it where the block content is 98% the same.

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You have to use embeds it’s the only way

That seems like more work.

It’s less, you write all the static part inside the embed, and that part that changes can be connected to the CMS

Another option is to create an arrangement of elements, some of which are static, and some of which are CMS-bound, and then make them all format as inline text so they flow, wrap, and wordbreak together.

I typically do this by wrapping all of the elements in a containing DIV, and then giving each of the child text elements the same class, e.g. in-line, and then apply the inline layout style to that class.

Great for creating non-default datetime presentations btw.