Only animate page load when you open of the sites from an external source

Hi everyone,

my issue is that I have added the page load like it was described in

When I open the site from google or other external sources (typing in the address bar) it works perfectly. But I don’t want to use the pre-loader when I switch between pages in my project but. There should be a different animation for page-transitions.

The pre-loader is also animating when I change the size of the browser window or change from portrait mode to landscape mode on mobile. This shouldn’t happen either.

So I need:

  1. Pre-Loader when opening the page externally or through the address bar (this I already have)
  2. Different Page-Transition-Animation when switching through pages internally.
  3. A way to disable the pre-loader when you change something on the site you are currently on (like changing the size of the window or go from portrait mode to landscape mode)

Is this possible? Is there custom code with which I can achieve these 3 points? Or is there even a page-loader third party plugin which you would recommend?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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