Only able to add 2 external collaborators on team plan site


In the new subscription plan launched at December 19. it says that “3 content editors” is included in the CMS plan. For some reason I’m included as an collaborator administrator, using 1 of these 3 content editors. This means that only 2 content editors is actually available for the client, not 3 as stated in the subscription plan. Is this a bug or feature? :wink:

Hi @Christoffer

Looks like a bug, here is what I have

@Waldo ?

Hm, see that the difference is that I’m on a team plan and your not. Perhaps this is the problem… I upgraded from Professional plan to Team plan after the site was made.

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Hi @Christoffer, Thanks for reporting this. I’m taking a look and as soon as I have more information I will keep you posted.

Thanks in advance!

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