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Online/Offline-status per page inside a project

I think it would make sense to have an online/offline-switch for pages. I often need to backup old pages but I do not want those to be online.

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@Tom, that is a good idea, we will check into that. I.e. if I understand correct, the selective publishing of pages… Cheers, Dave

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Exactly, that’s the definition I was looking for.

I would really like to see this feature added too…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’m currently using an OFFLINE page as homepage if needed, but it would be awesome to have an maintenance feature.

@callmevlad I’m calling you here so you can take a look at this request. That should be something similar as 404 page where you can create a maintenance page and simply switch it on and off. The state could be changed inside Webflow Designer and Dashboard. In dashboard could be the general settings tab, while on designer mode it could be next to the Publish button on top right corner.

But for now, @Tom I’d suggest having an offline page designed and ready to make it “home” if you have some work to do in the meantime. But then how would you check the page online? :wink: Maybe a special link directly from design mode? Like let’s say you set maintenance state on and when you hit publish you get a private link on which you can check the website. I understand that’s what “Preview” is for, but it doesn’t load additional scripts from dashboard (<head> and before </body> scripts).


@bartekkustra, @matt50, @Tom, this is on the list, and we are working to provide these features in the designer in a future update, but exact ETA unknown at the moment. We will probably reach out to you when we have something to test :slight_smile: We want to see selective publishing and on-line and offline modes also :slight_smile:

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I just read you comment - a ‘maintenance’ page would help solve another problem I have which you touch on in your last sentence:

I find having to publish pages just to check any additional code I’ve added works or not is not a good workflow (I find most projects end up having at least some additional code).

A maintenance page could be a workable solution, though I would like a way to ‘stage’ the site prior to publishing live.

For me, the online/offline switch would be most useful to store code and design elements that I may want to use on other pages or use in entirety - kind of like a design/component scrapbook. Also I’d like to use such a switch for pages that are temporary but will need to be used again in future, like one-off ‘events’ pages.

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