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One Tab Opens each Time I Log into Webflow

Each time I log into Webflow to do routine website maintenance and updates one of the Tabs (not all just one on the home page) always opens. The offending Tab is the “Our Story” tab. Because of this quirk I have to remember to go to Tab Settings and re-click None before I export code otherwise the tab will be open when someone first lands on my site. Here is the project site I noticed it started acting like this about a month ago - not initiated by any changes I made. Thank you.

I’ve started getting this on 2 pages with tabs. I’ve saved the document with tabs set to open:none many times but both pages keep defaulting to having an open tab…

No fix or answer to this? it happens all the time!

Same for me. The “Set Active Tab” setting seems to change randomly. (It may be resetting to the tab that I edited most recently.)

It seems like you should be able to select an active tab and that setting should remain until you change it…