One tab always shown


I have a problem with one of my tab panes. The tab pane belonging to “Merchandising” is always shown. It’s either shown underneath the pane belonging to “Projektmanagement” or above the one belonging to “Logistik”. The other two work perfectly fine.

Thank’s for your help!


Hi @Lene_S

Welcome to the community!

This is weird. But seemed to fix it if I copied the Merchandising content, deleted that tab, then added it again from scratch.

Would this be a bug you think? @brando @StuM I’ve looked at the hierarchy and all seems right, odd that it’s displaying in Tab 1.

Hi @Lene_S, Thanks for posting about this! And thanks for investigating @magicmark :slight_smile:

I did some digging as well and I think this could be a bug. I noticed the Tab Pane Merch had a unique display setting at one point, then this was changed back to display: block. Removing this display setting seems to have resolved the issue:

There’s a known quirk with the tab component — if you change the display setting for one of the tabs, it will break the component. That said, it’s super weird that there was technically no difference after changing the display setting back to default (block) which is where I think the bug lies.

I’ll do some more digging on this end and see if I can reproduce the behavior. @Lene_S after making the above change you should be good to go, but let me know if the issue persists :bowing_man:

Thank you @magicmark and @Brando for your answers! I removed the display setting and it seems to work. Thank you!