One-Pager for vlog using the CMS

I finally get to show off a website :partying_face: .
I’ve been a mod since March and still haven’t showcased anything :joy:. Well, here you go.

Meet ‘Sarah Updates’.

My weekly vlog-style one-page website.

Context: For the past six months, I recorded weekly check-in videos for this creative mastermind group I’m a part of. I volunteered to report my business progress (or lack thereof :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Now that the six months are over, I wanted to keep going.
Turns out, these videos have been super helpful! I’m not sure if anyone watching felt the same way but they were great for me :slightly_smiling_face: .
It’s a great way for me to get out of my own head!

I knew I didn’t want to use YouTube; trolls, privacy, owned by google, minority rights issues, the algorithms,… Take your pick :slight_smile:.
I had actually created an account with Vimeo, and then they closed my account.
Long story :slight_smile:.

I asked around in the comunity moderator group, sorry community expert group and @vincent came up with the idea of using DropBox Links :tada:.

I ended up setting up a pretty basic way of doing this.

I simply added a URL field to a CMS collection. Connected that to an Embed element using a dynamic embed inside a collection list on the homepage and that’s all that’s needed :slight_smile.

In the future, I’ll probably switch to something other than dropbox. I use the free account and that’s limited in views to about 10/day/video.

Using the full URL as a dynamic embed means I’ll easily be able to add links provided by other cloud hosting platforms in the future.

I could have done more style-wise but I wanted to keep this a simple project. It’s so easy to keep tweaking things!

I’ll add a clonable version of this to the showcase soon :slight_smile: