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One pager for local political candidate

Hello All

As part of my philosophy around sprint storytelling, one page scroll that focus on the KFD model of what do you want people to Know / Feel & Do

*new updated link

I’ve been asked to help out a friends mom, so I’ve done this with a quick sprint.

Would love some feedback as this is really my first published site to the forum!

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Great work! Awesome philosophy too!


  • Bottom section’s background image could use some opacity as it makes the text somewhat hard to read
  • Hero text is a bit pale, the “Vote” should get more contract as that’s the key CTA (call to action)

Keep sharing your work!

thanks for your input Brryant :wink:

If you have anything currently floating inside the webflow forum ecosphere that I could help provide feedback for you, link me and I’ll go take a peek!