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One-page setup: showing changing content in same area

I´m in the beginning of the learning curve, both in Webflow and in making web pages in general. I want to make a one page site - not the kind of which scrolls down to show different content, but with a static view and content changing on the left side area. What is best way to do this?

I tried to add different contents as div blocks to this area, and add triggers to the links in the heading to show different divs. But then there should be also a way to hide the old content before showing the new one. And since there will be many links with different contents, action like “hide whatever old content there is and then show this spesific one” is needed…

Maybe I´m in the wrong track altogether and some completely different approach is needed?

Thank you in advance.

Here is my public share link:
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Edit: I just learned that SPA (single page application) is what I´m trying to do :slight_smile:

No comments on wheter Webflow is suitable for single page app? Any guidelines for a novice? Thanks.

Why won’t you just use tabs for layout? You may style them any way you want.

Hmm good idea. The structure is kind of deep, meaning only few main links and many sublevels (subtabs). Also the links not always in horizontal or vertical row. But I´ll try it. Thanks.

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