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One large canvas site

Hi guys, I’m trying to run tests or find some help on how I could create a large ‘brainstorm’ style website, effectively a single page. The title appears in the middle of the page and when you mouse over links appear around the title. When you then click on one of the links we zoom over to that part of the page and the info/gallery revelas itself. Then the back button would take you back to the seeing the title and the links around it etc.

I wanted to design the main elements in photoshop and then import them into WF - but it would mean a canvas size of around 5000px wide.

Can this large canvas with panning & zooming effect be done in WF?

Any help is greatly appreciated


This would be a great question to ask on @PixelGeek livestream in a couple of hours: - chatroom on youtube.

Related: - scroll down for vertical into horizontal scroll…

Also similar: by @Arthur

Hope that’s useful…


Thanks Stu, I will definetly ask on the chatroom see if anyone can help there!
Infact the ‘FOCUS’ template is pretty close, if I was to use the same background colour or tileable image then that may have the same effect. :thinking:

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