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One element with multiple triggers only works first time

I am trying to create an effect where, when you scroll over sections of the homepage, the relevant section of the nav highlights. So, when you scroll over “Team”, the “About” dropdown menu will open and “Team” will highlight.

I can make that work, but when I create the Hover Out interaction, then you can’t just hover over “About” to get the dropdown. I’ve tried making the hover out a few different ways but nothing is working so far. Hoping someone can point me to the solution!

Thank you!

Read only:

Published site:

Hey @fatpuppy
I don’t think I understood what you are trying to accomplish. Can you please elaborate more?

Thanks for the response @gilson ! I’ll try!

If you go to the published site, scroll to the third image on the homepage (“Your Team”), and hover, you will see the hover animation (a dropdown from the nav) working properly. And when you scroll off it, the off-hover will work as well.

Now, go up to the nav and hover over “About.” Nothing happens. It should be dropping that same menu down on hover (which is working fine on Portfolio, Services, and Interiors). It only stopped working when I created the hover interaction for “Your Team.”

How do I get both of those hover effects to work?